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Promise Rings For Couples and their Meaning: An Ultimate Guide

Partner rings are relatively new in the world of jewelry and are increasing in popularity. This is due to the fact that nowadays it is not necessary to get married right away and a lot of couples are happy in the long run without an official marriage certificate.

What exactly are the purpose of partner rings then? In this guide, we answer these questions and more, and explain what partner rings are.

What are rings that are partner rings?

Partner rings are just the name suggests two rings worn by couples. They are a great alternative to engagement rings and even wedding rings because they capture the meaning and emotion of a vow of fidelity without requiring an formal ceremony.


Rings are for a long time thought of as an omen of eternal love and connection because of their round shape. Two intertwined rings are frequently printed on wedding invitations for example, and the exchange of rings is one of the most important parts of the wedding ceremony.

Partner rings are a symbol of the bond between two individuals. Wearing a ring for a partner tells your partner and the rest of the world that you are part of a meaningful relationship. The rings therefore represent affection, love and connection. They also show that you are two people.

What's the difference in a partner engagement ring and a partner?

The promise that comes along with an engagement ring makes it distinct from a partner ring. While partners rings can be purchased or given away and worn "just as they are" the engagement ring signifies that there will soon be a wedding.

It can be difficult to present an engagement ring, because it is usually placed on the partner's hand after an engagement proposal. In the past, only one person wears the engagement ring. This is usually the person who proposes.

It's rare for women to plan their wedding proposals in private these days. So if you don't like surprises or don't like the classic separation of roles and responsibilities, then partner rings are the perfect alternative. They can either be bought as a gift to your spouse or you can select the design of a ring with your loved one, making sure that you choose the perfect piece of jewelry for you both.


First of all: any jewelry piece can be used as a partner ring. You can pick both in accordance with your personal preferences, especially if you shop together. You can wear a simple metal ring if you want to but your partner prefers the diamond ring.

It's a lot more enjoyable when the rings are matched. This underlines the symbolism of belonging - you wear one ring and your partner wears the counterpart. Some of the rings for couples are made to be obvious from the first glance. The rings are distinctive, for example an ring set featuring a feminine design, a gemstone for the woman and a larger ring to males.

How do I choose the right Partner Ring?

The most efficient method is for both of you to pick rings that you like. There are a few factors you need to consider. Your budget plays a crucial role: How much do you want to spend and how much can you invest in the jewelry? This will determine the materials of your ring. Platinum and gold are more expensive. Silver or stainless steel are cheaper. When choosing, also consider the frequency you intend to wear the jewelry. A sturdy, durable material is ideal for everyday use.

Who pays for the partner rings?

There are no rules regarding the purchase of partner rings. If you want to surprise your loved ones with a gift, you can purchase rings yourself and give them as gifts. If you and your partner are looking for rings, you could split the bill.

Online Partner Rings: Purchase and Personalize

Diamonds Factory, for example offers a variety of partner rings. When you purchase jewelry online, you should pay close attention to the reviews, ratings and a good customer service. Since you cannot try on the jewelry as you would in a store You must know the size of your ring prior to purchasing. Learn how to do this in our article on rings sizes.


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