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Download Pou and Join Millions of Players Worldwide

Half virtual pet and half minigame compilation, Pou is certainly not lacking in variety. No matter what kind of person you are, the app should have something that you can glean some enjoyment out of. However, while the game aims to please as many people as possible, its presentation will likely be an automatic turnoff for a lot of prospective gamers. If you're one of those that can stick with it, then you'll probably have a decent amount of fun. That's all you're going to get.

The first thing you'll notice about the Pou app is that it's not much to look at. It's not ugly by any stretch of the imagination, but the visuals don't exactly showcase a whole lot of inspiration or personality. Pou looks like your basic Flash game with all that entails: two-dimensional graphics and bright colors. Most everything looks like how it should; potions bottles look like potion bottles, soap looks like soap, food looks edible, and so on. You won't get lost, but it's unlikely that anything about the visuals will stick with you.

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However, the backgrounds are even less imaginative. In fact, calling them backgrounds is being generous. They're really more like blank spaces of color. Pou supposedly takes place inside a house with different rooms that have their own furnishings, but you wouldn't know that just by looking at them. The bedroom is a greenish-yellow screen, the bathroom is blue, the kitchen is pink, and so on. You can alter the backgrounds to have different colors, but that's no replacement for illustrated scenery. The game most certainly could have afforded a little more creativity in this area.

You would think that you'd need to resort to some outrageous techniques to feed and care for a pet amorphous blob. You would be wrong. Despite his strange biology, the virtual pet portion of the game is really nothing outside of the ordinary for the genre. You feed Pou when he's hungry, you bathe him when he's dirty, and you let him rest to regain his energy. You also have to clean up his poop, which has some disturbing implications as the waste itself is shown to have eyes. Regardless, the touchscreen controls are generally responsive, making everything easy to pull off.

If there is one original thing to say about the game, it would be the laboratory. It's this room where you can acquire potions. While a lot of these have pretty typical functions, such as curing Pou of illness, others bring about more amusing effects on the little guy. Some potions help him burn weight, while others effectively bulk him up and make him hungry for fatty food. If you have some extra coins on hand, potions can be pretty fun to fool around with.

Perhaps what's more impressive about Pou are the ways that you can alter his appearance. The game features a wide variety of clothing and accessories to doll him up in. There are shirts, dresses, hats, glasses and other odds and ends like rabbit ears. It's a mystery how a boneless ball of slime can wear anything, but just roll with it. If anything about the virtual pet portion of the game is going to keep you engaged, it will be in collecting as many accessories as you can.

Nothing is free in Pou. If you don't want to cough up the money yourself to buy Pou food, clothing and potions, then you have to earn them through the myriad of minigames that come packaged with Pou. There's not an original one in the bunch, but it's nice to have so many in one place.

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In Food Drop, you try and have Pou eat all the food falling down from the screen while avoiding the inedible stuff. In Pou Sounds, you play a knockoff of Simon by tapping the Pous in the exact same order they squeak in. Sky Jump is effectively a Pou-themed rip-off of Doodle Jump where you guide a bouncing Pou up a never-ending series of platforms. This is only a small sampling of the games that are available.

While the games may look and sound derivative, they can still be pretty fun and addictive. You're free to play whatever games you like, and can safely ignore the ones you don't. Pou never forces you into anything. Skillful play rewards you with additional coins, so you'll want to do your best since playtime is somewhat gated. Your pet blob sadly has limited bundles of energy at his disposal. When they're depleted, he needs to rest and recuperate. This can be annoying if you just want to kill time playing your favorite activity, though if you've been with the mobile gaming scene for this long, then you should also know that this is pretty typical.

At the end of the day, while Pou is not stellar at what it does, it is competent. The minigames aren't original, but they're numerous and fun. The virtual pet is cliché, but everything about it works as intended. The clothes you can dress him up in and the potions you can pour down his throat may be gimmicky, but they can still bring a smile to your face.

All that remains to be seen is just what Pou the character can do for you. A lot of older gamers might be turned off by his appearance, but children are more likely to find his antics endearing. There are certainly more attractive pet simulators to find, but Pou is a pretty safe download as it is that still might worm its way into your heart.

Take care of your Pou pet in this fun online game. Change the scenery and the baby items as you take caring to a new level. Keep advancing through each stage as you keep your creature at full health and happiness.

Pou is an online girl game that we hand picked for This is one of our favorite mobile girl games that we have to play. Simply click the big play button to start having fun. If you want more titles like this, then check out Talking Tom Funny Time or Talking Ben.To play even more free games, view our all time top games page.

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Pou is a digital pet game featuring various fun mini-games. Help this cute little alien grow by feeding, cleaning, and playing with them.FeaturesHelp Pou grow!Pou has the same needs as you and me. Clean Pou with soap, feed them various treats, and explore a wardrobe of funky clothes to dress Pou in.

Pou is a game where you take care of a virtual pet, like a Tamagotchi. If you love caring for animals and aliens browse our pet games for more. Similar games include Cute Unicorn Care. We also have games featuring dogs and cats!

Pou is your pet alien that requires all the care and attention that you can give. Just like any normal pet, you will have to take him to the lab and take care of his health and head over to the play area to play games with your pet. You can also experiment with potions in the lab area and change the appearance of your virtual pet by trying different clothes and accessories.

Pou first appeared in an android game in which you must take care of it as your own pet. For those who do not know, Pou is a Poop, which must give food, to wash, and play with him as a toddler. Android game caught on immediately scale, most players are obsessed and even attach a little poop. From then until now, games Pou amplified, so we offer the opportunity to play as many games Pou on our website Normally, the game is limited to taking care of Pou gave him the food when he was hungry to make some puppy eyes could not refuse ail and then takes him to the kitchen, and if too much fat or sick, he takes it in the laboratory and treated with potions. When dirty, you must give the sapunel and then the shower, and you do shit, had to collect them. When he was sad, he had to play the game itself, with several cool games that you could play with Pou. For each game played, plus receive some coins, with which, I buy food poop and I could redecorate our entire house as you like. Also, you can dress Pou and we could color in any way you wanted. Slowly Pou became a character known and loved by all the children, he is now the protagonist of several games. At our site, you can find games where Pou will go on an adventure, you will be able to make up, even you can become familiar with Pou girl, you will have the chance to see the Pou in the skin of several characters. Eny time when you want to play online game's with pou just enter our website and play for free only Pou games. If you have no idea about that game on android and if you loved the Pou since then, I recommend you explore the world of Pou to better knows as the most adorable Poop. Even if it sounds weird and maybe a little moved that Pou is shit, the games have no tint embarrassing the contrary, as we said our Poop is really fun, funny and cute. It takes only one meeting and you'll love the place, and when you get bored of a game, we will provide a lot of other options to spend time playing with Pou and to play together. For any player, the game will be more like a game, where you will relax, you'll laugh and you'll forget that time passes. It can also be an educational game in which every child can develop his responsibility can learn what it means to care for someone, for a possible future pet companies have if you already have one, Pou may help to learn how to behave with his pet. About Pou already know that is bullshit, but even so he has the talent to turn into a pile of educational characters such as: doctor, chef, sports, and have the patient role will go to the dentist or the eye without his fear, as should make each of us. So, dear players, though well liked to have some new experiences, if you want to explore a little of each job or you want to face your fear of going to the doctor, do not hesitate and join, search Pou and everything on it will become reality. Pou games are numerous and are present in our site, waiting to be played, and if will occur with Pou games, we will be the first site we will offer to explore new adventures and new experiences with Pou's games. Have fun and as many adventures with the most beloved and funny friend of yours!


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