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Saw Game Justin Bieber 2

Saw Game Justin Bieber 2 - A Parody Point and Click Adventure Game

If you are a fan of Justin Bieber and enjoy solving puzzles, you might want to check out Saw Game Justin Bieber 2, a parody point and click adventure game developed by Inka Games. In this game, you have to help Justin escape from the evil puppet Pigsaw, who has kidnapped his girlfriend Selena Gomez and trapped them in a twisted version of Disneyland. You will have to explore the park, interact with various characters, collect items, and use them to solve riddles and challenges. Along the way, you will encounter many references and jokes related to Justin's career, music, and personal life.

Saw Game Justin Bieber 2 is the sequel to Saw Game Justin Bieber, which was released in 2011. The first game was also a parody of the Saw movie franchise, where Justin had to face Pigsaw's deadly traps and save his fans from a burning theater. The second game has improved graphics, more locations, more characters, and more humor. You can play both games for free online at or You can also watch the walkthrough videos on YouTube if you get stuck or want to see the different endings.

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Saw Game Justin Bieber 2 is not an official game endorsed by Justin Bieber or his representatives. It is a fan-made game that is meant to be a tribute and a satire of his fame and popularity. The game does not intend to harm or offend anyone. It is just a fun and creative way to express admiration and criticism towards one of the most influential celebrities of our time.


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