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La rebelion de lucifer jj benitez epub download

La rebelion de lucifer (The Rebellion of Lucifer) is a novel by the Spanish author J. J. Benitez, published in 1995. The book is part of the Biblioteca J. J. Benitez series, which includes other works by the same author, such as Caballo de Troya (The Trojan Horse) and El testamento de San Juan (The Testament of Saint John).

The novel tells the story of Lucifer, the fallen angel, who rebels against God and leads a war in heaven. The book explores the origins, motivations, and consequences of Lucifer's rebellion, as well as the role of other angels and humans in the cosmic conflict. The book also presents an alternative version of the biblical events, such as the creation, the flood, and the exodus.

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The book has been praised by some readers for its imaginative and original approach to the theme of Lucifer, as well as for its historical and scientific references. However, it has also been criticized by others for its controversial and heretical views on religion, as well as for its lack of coherence and credibility.

If you are interested in reading this novel, you can download it in epub format from several online sources. Here are some of them:

  • [La Rebelión De Lucifer : J. J. Benítez : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive]: This website offers a free download of the book in epub format, as well as other formats such as PDF and TXT. You can also read the book online or borrow it for 14 days.

  • [La Rebelion De Lucifer (Biblioteca J. J. Benitez) - Open Library]: This website provides a link to buy the book from, where you can also download it in epub format if you have a Kindle device or app. You can also borrow the book from a library near you or add it to your wishlist.

  • [La rebelión de Lucifer by J. J. Benítez Open Library]: This website gives information about the book, such as its edition, publication date, and ISBN. You can also see other books by the same author and related subjects. You can also borrow the book from a library near you or add it to your wishlist.

We hope you enjoy reading this novel and learning more about Lucifer's rebellion.


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